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A Letter From Paterson Riley -  (Founder of The Great Frog 1972)

" ... all the waters of the world are contained within the armpit of The Great Frog`

Welcome weary pilgrim traveller from the relentless fatigue of the dark numbing emptiness of the void and status that is cyberspace - a perilous quest beset by trolls and demons of distraction. Relax, you have made it, you have arrived, you are here at the comforting timeless actuality that is the world of Paterson Riley's The Great Frog; jeweller[s] to the discerning cognescenti ... yes, that's You!
Know that the cold dark empty status of void became both scientifically and rationally unstable and untenable, therefore The Great Frog had to become rationally and irrevocably manifest (in 1972 actually) to interpret and service your yet unformed merest whims. The purpose of the pilgrimage into the darkness was to make manifest form, to enfold in precious metals the lustrous crystalline gems born from the birth throes of our universe.
All civilizations have valued, sought and fought for these lustrous shards of nature's alchemy formed at the beginnings of time and The Great Frog is possessed by and obsessed with the ageless passion to shape and enfold this alchemy for the inexplicable human need of self-adornment, the need for primitive and ageless, yet sort of sophisticated, very here very now Rock n' Roll!

Truly it has been observed that "genius stands on the shoulders of giants" and as "all the waters of the world are contained within the armpit of The Great Frog" it stands to reason therefore that the shoulders of The Great Frog are somewhat more than an advantageous viewpoint for all of our lofty visions of design and destiny.

We are passionately and obsessively drawn to pursue and interpret these primary shamanistic symbols of nature; sun, moon, comets and stars.., skulls, eyes, cats and bats ... snakes, spiders, scorpions and owls ... eagle, lion, lizard and whales .. and let us never forget the benign frog (Incidentally did you know that frogs are always benign and good because they simply do not know any different?)

However, we whom would labor in his name do know the difference and through us we have chosen to become manifest corporally in the magic historical building built 1676, over a plague pit in Carnaby, London, England ... where coincidentally, our resident friendly female ghost, whom once washed her babies clothes at the local water pump, has been traced as the innocent source of one of London's past typhoid plagues!

So explore the history, the craft, the collection. Come meet your maker and adorn your soul made manifest with the genuine workmanship of the original f(l)ounder of the infamous cosmic cool Jewellery Brand The Great Frog.
Paterson Riley The future is negotiable.

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