Dear Natasha

My beautiful ring has arrived and I am delighted with it.

 Thank you so much for all your time and hard work in making this so special for me. I feel that a wee bit of Bug is now with me wherever I go.

It’s been so hard getting used to her not being around, and the whole process of creating this ring has helped so much.

Kindest Regards


Andrew Callaghan

5 stars does not come close, I'd give a hundred if I could. I contacted Natasha a while ago after losing the love of my life, Angel (woof woof). Our beautiful little girl was almost 14 when we had to make the agonising decision to have her put to sleep, it tore my heart, and my family's hearts, too pieces. I wanted something, other then memories, to look at and remind me of my beautiful girl, so I commissioned a ring with Natasha. I initially contacted Natasha via facebook, and then I drove across from Northern Ireland to see her in person. She is a beautiful woman with a heart of gold, softly spoken with a great knowledge of what will and won't work within a commissioned piece. 
After just a month or so, I am so pleased to have received my ring today, on what would have been Angel's 14th birthday (RIP little girl). It is a masterpiece, beautifully crafted to perfection, intricate detailing and it fits perfect, I really couldn't have asked for anything more. 
The ring is made of silver and has detail. I took a paw cast from Angel, and then took a photograph of the cast, Natasha then sent it away for the outline to be traced so that it could be inscribed on the ring...it's beautiful beyond belief. Also, on the edge of the ring is the inscription, Twinkle Angel Little Star, and on the inner band, a few tufts of Angel's hair. Angel will always be my little girl, today, tomorrow and always, and as well as the great memories of her, I have her with me on my wedding finger.
Love you loads Angel, and I miss you every minute of everyday.
Natasha....thank you, you're an 'Angel' and I cannot thank you enough. 
Love and blessings.
Andy Callaghan


I absolutely love it Natasha. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Ill cherish my keepsake along with memories of Luke. You've created something very special and I cant thank you enough x